13 Ways To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Do you ever feel like sex is over too soon? Do you wish it could last a bit longer so that both partners can fully enjoy each other’s pleasure and intimacy? Well, if this sounds familiar to you then don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to make sure your time in bed doesn’t end prematurely.

From taking things slow and steady during foreplay all the way through experimenting with edging techniques or even doing kegel exercises for greater control, here are 13 tips on how men (and women!) can easily extend their sexual performance.

1. Take it slow and steady

The key to lasting longer in bed is taking things slow—really, really slowly. Don’t rush into anything too quickly; instead take your time exploring each other’s bodies and allowing yourself to get aroused gradually over a period of minutes or even hours before intercourse begins. This will help you relax more and enjoy the moment for what it is: an intimate connection with someone special that should be savored rather than rushed through like some kind of race against the clock!

2. Change positions

Trying different sex positions can also help prolong the pleasure. If you find that a certain position is making it hard for you to last longer, switch things up and try something else! This could be anything from spooning or reverse cowgirl to doggy style—the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding the perfect angle for both partners’ comfort levels and maximum arousal potential.

3. Squeeze technique

The squeeze technique can also help men who want to extend their time in bed by slowing down ejaculation reflexes before they become too intense (which typically happens during intercourse). To perform this method correctly, simply apply pressure on your penis shaft just below the head with your thumb and forefinger right before ejaculation is about to occur. This will temporarily slow down the sensations and allow you some extra time for pleasure-filled activities!

4. Breathing techniques

Learning how to control your breathing can also be very helpful in lasting longer during sex as it helps reduce muscle tension that often builds up when people get too excited or aroused quickly. Try focusing on deep, slow breaths—in through the nose and out through the mouth—and take pauses between each breath if necessary until you feel calmer again. Not only does this help delay orgasm but it’s a great way of connecting with your partner on a deeper level too.

5. Foreplay

Make sure you don’t forget about foreplay! Not only is it an incredibly important aspect of any sexual encounter, but the longer and more passionate pre-sex activities can also help men last longer in bed by delaying their ejaculation reflexes even further when intercourse does begin later on down the line. Whether it’s oral sex or massage or something else entirely—take some extra time to enjoy each other before moving onto penetrative acts for maximum pleasure potential from both partners!

6 . Use lubrication

Lubrication is essential for lasting longer in bed. Not only does it help make sex more enjoyable but using good quality lube can also reduce friction and provide extra lubrication that’s necessary to prevent premature ejaculation from occurring too soon during intercourse. So if you’re having trouble staying in the game, grab yourself some lube before getting down to business!

7 . Experiment with edging

Edging (also known as ‘surfing’ or ‘peaking’) is when someone brings themselves right up close to orgasm multiple times without actually reaching it—which then allows them last much longer once they do finally reach orgasm. This can be done by stopping and starting stimulation (or changing positions) as well as through breathing techniques or squeezing the penis just below its head right before ejaculation is about to occur, all of which will help delay that inevitable moment!

8 . Kegel exercises

Practicing kegel exercises regularly has been proven time and again to improve sexual performance in both men and women alike—which includes lasting longer during sex too! These simple yet effective pelvic floor contractions strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles for greater control over ejaculatory reflexes when it matters most. All you have to do is flex and release your pelvic floor muscles for a few minutes each day to get the ball rolling!

9. Distraction methods

Another popular way of lasting longer in bed involves using distraction techniques when things start getting too hot (or rather, you’re about to reach orgasm!). Try thinking of something mundane or un-sexy—like washing dishes or doing taxes—to take your mind off the sexual activity at hand; it might sound silly but this method can actually work wonders for delaying ejaculation reflexes without any real effort required from yourself other than maintaining focus on whatever non-sexual thought has been chosen as a distraction!

10. Mental stimulation

As with most things, the power of thought can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to lasting longer in bed—so don’t underestimate its potential for success here either! Visualizing yourself as a strong and confident sexual partner who’s completely capable of staying in control during intercourse is one way to prime your body into believing that you’re more than capable enough (and not at risk) from ejaculating too soon; so make sure this mental image remains top-of-mind throughout any intimate encounters if possible.

11 . Stimulate her first

It’s important to remember that it takes two (or more) people for a successful sexual experience—so make sure you’re not just focusing on yourself when trying to last longer in bed! Stimulating your partner beforehand can be beneficial as well, since their arousal will help delay yours and give both of you the chance to fully enjoy each other’s pleasure before taking things up a notch. Not only is this great practice but it’ll also increase the bond between partners by creating an atmosphere where mutual satisfaction comes first over everything else.

12 . Take breaks

Breaks are sometimes necessary during sex if you want to last longer and avoid premature ejaculation. This doesn’t mean that you should stop having sex altogether—rather, taking breaks will give both partners a chance to catch their breath (and arousal levels!) before resuming activities again when ready. A few minutes of cuddling or talking is all it takes; just remember not to let these pauses in action disrupt the overall flow too much!

13 . Talk about your expectations

Lastly, communication between sexual partners can also help men who struggle with lasting long enough during intercourse by providing an open forum where each person’s needs and desires are discussed freely without any pressure from either side. If you feel like your partner is expecting too much from you in bed, don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know—chances are they’ll understand where you’re coming from and even appreciate the fact that both of your feelings have been taken into consideration when it comes time for some fun between the sheets!

Putting it into Action

Whether it’s slowing down your breathing, using lube to reduce friction or taking breaks during intercourse—there are plenty of ways for men (and women!) to last longer in bed and make their sexual experiences more enjoyable.

All it takes is a bit of practice and patience as well as an understanding between both partners when it comes time for some intimate moments together.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find something that works best; after all, sex should always remain fun even if things take a little extra effort sometimes!

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